Monday, July 11, 2005

New Footer Message on this blog

After reading this report in the New California Media,Criticizing Patriot Act Lands Manlin Chee, Asian American Lawyer, in Jail, I felt I had to add the appropriate footer to this blog.

The present US malAdministration is so vindictive against its opponents, that they use the law enforcement agencies to do their dirty work. I have lost respect for the CIA and the FBI.

And, as was said to me by the "educated" American correspondent, he has probably already reported me to the FBI for my anti-Bush sentiment .

So, remember, that I did not sit quietly while all others were being taken to the American gulags.

When my wife asked me what would happen to us if we should ever visit the US in the term of this corrupt malAdministration - I told her that I would never enter that now despicable country which had been raped and pilaged by Bush and his cohorts - so the question was purely hypothetical.

However, listening to the testimony at the World Tribunal on Iraq, the knock on my door here in Finland, as happened to someone in Sweden, is not altogether an impossibility.



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