Monday, July 11, 2005

"Thru Brown Eyes"

I have brown eyes, but I am not talking about myself.

Thanks to, a web site which archives the very best of Liberal Talk Show programmes, I have been introduced to an outstanding woman, LIZZ BROWN.

Her daily broadcast, which is archived on this site, but can also be heard live on the internet, is truly good. She figures among the greats as Mike Malloy, Peter Werbe, Thom Hartmann, Guy James, Tony Trupiano, Bernie Ward, Nate Clay, Ray Taliaferro. She does not shout and scream like Randi Rhodes, and is also not egoistic.

Besides being a great Talk Show Host, when I visited her website Lizz Brown - Thru Brown Eyes, I found she is also a good writer.

Her piece, which is online presently, titled "LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE", is a truly shocking tale from Iraq about the Negroponte El Salvador effect being brought into play, and the targeted killing of an Iraqi doctor who was exposing what the US forces were up to in Iraq.

"Yasser Salihee is dead.

He was on his way to drive his family to a swimming pool in western Baghdad when he was struck by a single bullet to head ---- he died instantly.

Some say he was an unintentional casualty of war. Some whisper “the wolves got him”."

Thank you, Lizz, for your exposing this horrible face of US forces and their cronies, and please keep up the great work of talking and writing about facts as they are.


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