Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Iraqis suffocated - That's OK, you scumbag Blair?

11 Iraqi soldiers killed, nine Iraqis suffocate to death in police van as diplomats promised more protection.

Nine Iraqi bricklayers were suffocated to death.

In Baghdad, Iraq's fledgling security forces drew fresh accusations of brutality after witnesses reported that nine bricklayers had suffocated in a police van on Sunday.

Three other men who survived the ordeal were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment early Monday but two were later seized from their sick beds by police commandos.

The Guardian reported:

"The detentions were part of Operation Lightning, a major counterinsurgency sweep that began in May with more than 40,000 Iraqi police and soldiers.

An influential Sunni Muslim group on Monday accused Iraqi security forces of torturing and killing 10 Sunnis. Government officials had no comment, but a doctor at a Baghdad hospital confirmed receiving the bodies.

The Association of Muslim Scholars said members of an Interior Ministry commando brigade detained the men Sunday as they were visiting relatives at Nour Hospital in Baghdad's predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Shula.

"The men were taken to a detention center where they were tortured, then locked in a container where they suffocated,'' the association said in a statement.

A doctor at Baghdad's Yarmouk hospital, where the bodies were taken, said a commando patrol was shot at Sunday in Shula, then returned fire killing one of a group of men who were in the street. The body was taken to Yarmouk and the nine others were detained, the doctor.

The doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, said the nine detainees appeared to have been mistreated.

Remember that Lizz Brown wrote about another aspect of Operation Lightning - the murder of a doctor!


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