Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blair's survival chances

Many of you who remember my previous blog presentations will know how I advised Charles Kennedy of the Liberal Democrats not to stand candidates against Labour and Conservative candidates who were Anti War.

If Charles Kennedy had listened to that advice, the Liberal Democrats would have been in total ascendency at this moment.

Here is an imporetant quote from an analysis today in the BBC website

Labour rebels target Blair
By Steve Schifferes
BBC News website reporter

"That analysis suggests that there 37 hard-core rebels (who rebelled on all four key issues in the last Parliament, including student tuition fees, foundation hospitals, Iraq, and the prevention of terrorism act), and another 29 soft rebels, who voted against the government on at least two of those four issues.

Only two hard-core Labour rebels were among the 47 Labour MPs who lost their seats - John Cryer in Hornchurch and Phil Sawford in Kettering, although several more (such as Brian Sedgemore, who defected to the Lib Dems) stood down at the last election.

Without this group Blair is paralyzed as the Prime Minister and Charles Kennedy would have been calling the shots on almost every issue that came up in Parliament and also who was the next Prime Mnister of the UK.

Here is a case of a leader without a far enough vision. It would be prudent for Charles Kennedy to now give up his position as the leader of the Liberal Democrats.


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Jacob M than I've enjoyed this on Blair's survival chances and it's been useful for our own project on ##LINK#. Thanks. Anny.


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