Saturday, April 16, 2005

Al Franken learns about India and Finland

I was listening to The Franken Factor on Air America Radio.

This is a show I hardly ever listen to as Thom Hartmann is usually on at the same time. Also Al Franken is a comedian rather than a good Talk Show host of the quality of Thom, Mike Malloy, Guy James or Peter Werbe.

Al Franken is obsessed with his own brand of humour and political take which compromises many serious issues as he is "friends" wiith so many "nice" Republicans - many of whom I consider a piece of "****".

The reason I listened to the show was there was an interview with Richard Florida who has written the book "Flight of the Creative Class".

It was no surprise to hear what Richard had to say.

The first was the drop of the top Indian engineering graduates from IIT who have stopped migrating to the US or even going to US for higher studies, as they no longer want to go to a repressive gulag. From as many as 90% it has dropped to 30%. That is a huge loss to the American "creative" community.

Secondly, Richard mentioned his stint in Finland where he talked to people at our leading newspaper, "Helsingin Sanomat", where Finns who went as exchange students to US said that they are no longer sending their children to the US but to other countries as Canada.

Reasons are obvious to anyone who knows the malAdministration of the Bush regime of criminals.

The US is now regarded by many of us as a country which is repressive and the not safe for us who have broad creative views. And there are lots of alternatives!


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