Friday, April 29, 2005

Question Time participants hammer Blair

Those who had the good fortune to watch BBC's "Question Time" like me, on the internet, saw that Tony Blair is unfit to be PRIME MINISTER, he is unfit to lead the Labour Party, and the only place he belongs is behind bars for being responsible for the death of a British Weapons Expert, David Kelly, for being responsible for the deaths of British soldiers based on his lies, and for being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

In short, Blair is worse than Saddam Hussain, and most of the people in the audience at "Question Time" knew this. Given below are links if you want to watch the performance:

Real Player link to Question Time

Windows Media Player link to Question Time:

Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats came out on top in Question Time, except that he seemed not quite to push hard enough to get to POWER!!

Michael Howard, the Leader of the Conservatives was hammered by the audience on immigration as being a raacist, which it was obvious he was, and then shot himself in his foot by answering the question about whether, knowing what he knows now, he would have invaded Iraq - to which he answered "Yes". He was, therefore, stumped when he was caught implying he would have ignored the Attorney General's advice that it was not possible to invade a country to carry out "regime change".

It was fascinating to watch that Blair has no concept about leadership or how the UK is run except for his myopic view and was unable to defend lies, except with more shallow lies. The real situation in the National Health Service and his flip-flop on Top Up Fees for Students showed him up. But the position on Iraq hit him between the eyes.

Any thinking Britain who watched that debate should have no hesitation to vote Liberal Democrat after watching this performance. A breath of fresh air will be introduced into British political leadership when all those sycophants will be erased from the political spectrum.


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