Friday, April 22, 2005

Charles Kennedy heeding advice

It appears that UK Liberal Democrats leader, Charles Kennedy, is heeding the advice I have been sending him.

In The Guardian today, the headline reads "Lib Dems ready to play the anti-war card" Tania Branigan, political correspondent Friday April 22, 2005.

However, it is not sufficient to only follow half the advice. I had told him that he should not run Liberal Democrat candidates in constituencies where there is a clear Anti War candidate, immaterial of whether it is Labour or Conservative,

Liberal Democrats efforts should be on every constituency where there is a candidate who has been Pro War, then and now.

In essence this would ensure that the Muslims and the Islamic World will understand that the people of UK were never behind the war and the British forces will be pulled out immediately the new Government is installed.

Britain does not need to remain as the "poodle" of George Bush, even if Blair, the B-----Liar, wants to maintain his status as such.


At 20:39, Blogger bigblue said...

How lucky we are to have you whispering in his ear!


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