Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Labour MP defects to Liberal Democrats

The decision by the leader of the British Liberal Democrat Party, Charles Kennedy, to take a firm stand on the Iraq Invasion and to bring it to the centre stage of the coming elections, as it reveals the true character of Tony Blair, has brought its first reward in the defection of Labour MP Brian Sedgemore. This has just been reported in an exclusive article, "Exclusive: Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Iraq" by Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor in today's edition of the British newspaper The Independent.

Could this be the start of the open defection of over 150 Labour MPs who loathe the "Liar" and could this be followed by another 50 who have grave doubts about him? These figures were given by Mr. Sedgemore in his statement of his defection.

My most recent advice to Mr. Kennedy was to withdraw the Liberal Democrat candidate from the Sedgefield constituency of Tony Blair and to extend full support to the independent candidate Reg Keys, the father of the miltary man who was brutally and unnecessarily killed in Iraq.

"Tony Blair has always said that history will be his judge. On May 5th it will be up to the people of Sedgefield to make history happen. I ask them for their vote and I ask you for your support." Reg Keys

This is in keeping with my long-standing advice to Mr. Kennedy to withdraw Liberal Democrat candidates from constituencies where Labour MPs who were against the war were standing in these elections.

What is important is that in these elections that morality is once again introduced into British politics, something that was the first loss in the Blair era.


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