Tuesday, April 12, 2005

God Oh God! A bigger idiot than Bush

Peter Principle being played out in full.

I have been watching and listening to the Confirmation hearings on the Appointment of John Bolton to the Ambassadorship to the United States.

This man is worse than Bush.

He does not even know how to lie.

Bush is at least a past master at lying.

Bolton Pledges to Help Strengthen U.N. is the present update on yahoo.com, but it has a misleading title.

Bolton was slammed by Senator Barbara Boxer and Bolton was squirming and wriggling when lied and lied.

Senator Boxer used the same technique as in the Case of Condoleeza Rice where she played a video of his own words and, boy, was Bolton shifting in his chair.

He was crucified by Senator Joe Biden, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator Russ Feingold and also by Senator Barrack Obama. And then he was being smashed by Senator Bill Nelson.

What is the US coming to?

You can see the continuation of this on CSpan later today.


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