Saturday, May 06, 2006

Our letter to the US media

We sent the following letter to the the following US media:

ABC Nightline
ABC News

Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher
New York Times

Comments Line
New York Times

Gil Schwartz, Vice President
CBS Television

National News Desk
Washington Post

Paula Zahn

Questions Line
NBC News

Dear Media Representatives,

We are not American and we do not even live in the US.

We have been shocked by the behaviour of the US media which has failed to realise that it has an insane lying idiot as it President, a foul-mouthed dictatorial Vice President, along with a compliant House and Senate, which with your media sycophantic has caused immense pain and suffering around the world.

Why did you decline to give Stephen Colbert's scathingly critical performance at the White House Correspondent's dinner the coverage it was due. Back in 1996, Don Imus roasted President and First Lady Clinton with a series of off-color and deeply personal jokes; this was covered extensively at the time.

But now, you seem to have decided to report on the White House Correspondents Association dinner without mentioning the remarks of the keynote speaker.

Why is that?

Were you uncomfortable with his courage in pointing out that you have not really been carrying out the independent watchdog role upon which all democracies depend?

It's time to stop your uncritical stenography (Decide, Announce, Type with spell check) of Administration viewpoints and pay attention to the stories that are really of interest to the lives and death of people around this world caused by your compliance with this horrible criminal US Administration aptly described by Mike Malloy as the "Bush Crime Family".


Annikki & Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

You can do the same from this link. PLEASE DO IT NOW.


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