Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blair's henchwoman tries to rid Civil Liberties

The story about getting rid of Civil Liberties in the UK makes frightening reading.

The statement MI5 head warns on civil liberties is a plant by Blair and his criminal gang in power so as to escape being charged with War Crimes for their illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Civil liberties may have to be "eroded" to protect Britons from terrorism, the head of security service MI5 has said.

In a speech made in the Netherlands on 1 September and put online by MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said the world had changed and a debate was needed.

She said the July London bombings were a "shock", which MI5 and police were "disappointed" they could not prevent.

They want to cover their ineffectiveness in relation to the can of worms they have opened by their illegal invasion by pushing things under the carpet and ensuring that citizens can never uncover them by legal means.

Instead of working to make the world a safer, more loving and tolerant place, Bush, and his lapdog, Blair, and their gang of criminals are working to undermine the world order and to gag people so that these criminals can plunder and loot the resources of the world as THEY think fit.

"But the world has changed and there needs to be a debate on whether some erosion of what we all value may be necessary to improve the chances of our citizens not being blown apart as they go about their daily lives," she said.

The questioin to be answered is who changed the world?

It is these criminals who did and who have to be punished - and they are the ones who spread death and destruction. These are the arch terrorists, Bush and Blair, who go around in sheeps clothing!


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