Sunday, August 07, 2005

I dissent with the OPINION of Mr. Parris

My letter to The Edtor of The London Times:

"Dear Editor,

Mathew Parris in his OPINION piece of August 6th 2005 Suicide bombings will pass – they are just a grisly terrorist fashion ends with this paragraph:

Now for the difficult part. If “terror” is to be spearheaded by suicide bombers, and if the suicide bomber’s real weapon is our horror of his conviction, then the “War” against “Terror” must become the war against horror: our own. We must acknowledge, confront and shake off our respect for the suicide bomber. His tactic is pitiful. Scorn and disregard, not shock and awe, are the right response.

Has Mr. Parris lost his only 9 year old son in a brutal unprovoked attack by British or American forces?

Has Mr. Parris had his sister raped by the collaborators who now are part of the El Salvador type Death Squads that John Negroponte has set up in Iraq?

Has Mr. Parris had his younger brother tortured in Abu Ghraib prison and then received the mutilated body and told that the boy died of natural causes?

Suicide bombers, or those that carry out these vengeful acts, have nothing whatsoever to do with gaining glory or martyrdom. No names are publishd, no eulogies are said. Their names are not prominently displayed in the Orbituray Column of The London Times.

These are acts of desperation by a people who see their fellowmen being treated like animals and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

They see only more cowardly statements come from the war criminals, Bush and Blair regimes, and their Iraqi sycophantic collaborators.

I am almost waiting to hear the next sentence from Mr. Parris that the French Resistance should have rolled over and played dead when France was overrun by Hitler!

The tactic is not pitiful - it is the only tactic they have in their armour as they do not want to live with the agonising suffering in their heart. All their pride and joys have been removed from the face of this earth. They see this as the only way to obtain retribution for what these cowards and bullies have done to them and their families.

Remember what President Mubarak said at the outset of this war:

" "When it is over, if it is over, this war will have horrible consequences," Mubarak told Egyptian soldiers in the city of Suez on Monday.

"Instead of having one (Osama) bin Laden, we will have 100 bin Ladens," he said. "

This is their resistance, it is not terrorism.

It may seem "obscene" to a man who talks with a forked tongue, like Blair, but it is justice for the men that carry out these acts and for the evil done to them

(Sarcasm ON) Was "shock and awe" unleashed on the innocent Iraqi population the justified vengence for 911 which killed less than 3000 people the adequate deposition of justice by the American and British population. (Sarcasm OFF)

I wish Mr. Parris would get his perspectives in the right order!!


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