Sunday, July 31, 2005

Thank you Jimmy Carter

Former US President, 2002 Nobel Peace prize winner, Jimmy Carter, said on Saturday the detention of terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base was an embarrassment and had given extremists an excuse to attack the United States.

He added that the US invasion in Iraq "unnecessary and unjust."

His news conference was at the Baptist World Alliance's centenary conference in Birmingham, England and was reported By CASSANDRA VINOGRAD, Associated Press Writer Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful By CASSANDRA VINOGRAD, Associated Press Writer, July 30, 2005, 5:32 PM EDT.

This comes in the wake of statement to the Italian Court by the alleged fake bomb perpetrator who had been arrested in Italy and is facing extradition proceedings to the UK.

The 27-year-old Ethiopian-born Briton, Osman Hussain, a suspected member of the 21 July bomb scare cell, told investigators he was motivated by the Iraq war, not religion. He said that they had been emotionally moved by having seen videos of innocent women and children being killed by the US and UK forces in Iraq.

"Rather than praying, we had discussions about work, politics, the war in Iraq," Hussain said of the gatherings in the gym, according to La Repubblica newspaper and an Italian news agency.

The would-be bombers watched films, "especially those in which you saw women and children killed and exterminated by the English and American soldiers, or widows, mothers and daughters who were crying".

The important points to note are:

1. The attack on London on 210705 had nothing to do with Al Qaida.
2. The attack of London was due to direct emotional link to the invasion and occupation of a country which had had no links to international terrorism.
3. The invasion and occupation of Iraq by US and UK, on false premises, along with the bribed coalition of the willing, is the cause of moving the hearts and minds of people around the world to express themselves in ways that border on terrorism. That is because the power block refuse to listen to the people and the cowards, as Bush and Blair, hide behind their skirts of power. People express their deep passion at these atrocities by these two war criminals in different ways, just as the French resistance to the Germans during World War II. It would be fair to remember that it was the UK which gave safe haven and supplies to those "French terrorists (aka resistance fighters)"!

The only people responsible for spreading "terrorism" and the language of hate around this globe are the war criminals, Bush and Blair.


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