Friday, August 05, 2005

Kudos to MP George Galloway

Criticism of the statements of British MP George Galloway appear in the Daily Telegraph in the article Galloway pours petrol on the flames, by Tim Butcher, Middle East Correspondent

Eric Joyce, a Labour MP who served as a major in the Army, led criticism of Mr Galloway. "Passing comments like these puts the lives of British soldiers at risk and devalues the lives of British soldiers," he said.

Eric Moonman, a former Labour MP and ex-serviceman, said the comments ought to be investigated by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin.

"Galloway's remarks border on the unstable," he said. "He is throwing petrol on the flames and putting at risk the soldiers who serve the country he is supposed to represent"

Gerald Howarth, the Conservatives' defence spokesman, said: "Our Armed Forces are doing a fantastic job in the Middle East. It is utterly irresponsible to do anything which undermines the work that they are doing."

Experts in the Arab world said Mr Galloway was, consciously or unconsciously, aping the rhetoric of extremists. "No ordinary Arab politician or even journalist, would use such heightened language," said one. "To say your daughter is being raped is, for an Arab, completely over the top."

Mr. Eric Joyce - If you are really so concerned about your British troops, kindly remove them from somewhere they should never be in the first place! Otherwise wipe away those crocodile tears. Mr. Joyce should know that MP Galloway was not elected by Blair apologists. MP Galloway won his place in the House on what he stood for and what he says remainsthe TRUTH!!

Mr. Eric Moonman - I think you should ask your Speaker rather to investigate the lies and bitter words of your lying Prime Minister who has brought death and destruction on the innocent Iraqis as well his own British public. Blair IS the petrol that is burning the Middle East and fuelling hatred in Britain.

And Mr., Gerald Howarth - Just because a few psycophants ask the liars Bush and Blair to do something, that is not what the Iraqi people want. The majority of them want the British and Americans to leave NOW - so why not do what they demand?

And finally MP George Galloway is not aping anyone - he is speaking from the heart when he sees death and destruction being waged on innocent people by the Americans and British.

Kudos to MP George Galloway!!


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