Thursday, July 28, 2005

What amazes me is why...

What amazes me is why so many people will accept being humiliated by those that sponsor and encourage terrorism - Bush and Blair.

The report that a group of five British tourists who were removed from a bus by police and forced to kneel on the pavement.

They just happened to be of the Sikh religion!

Does it mean that this humiliation will not happen to you?

Think again - if you are a minority - you are already a victim of this escalation of this hate era.

A recent report said that the majority of Muslims in the UK want to leave.

This is exactly the plan of the Bushites and Blairites.

The intention is to make it impossible for the ethnic minorities that these extremist war criminals do not like, so as to to force these innocent peace-loving people to think about leaving their homeland.

What the Bushites and Blairites do not understand is that those that uproot themselves will be the terrorists of tomorrow. Since their movement away from their country to a new location will be "temporary" they will continue to hold legitimate passports to carry out the terrorism at locations of their choosing!!


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