Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A simpler way to rid us of Blair

The headlines in BBC said Blair backers reject quit calls ended with this:

A bid to oust Mr Blair as party leader would require a challenger to have the backing of 20% of Labour MPs - 71 out of the 355 elected on Thursday.

A vote would then take place at Labour conference involving an electoral college divided into three - MPs, constituency parties and unions.

I do not think this would be the wisest route knowing the Blair supporters moves to ensure that they would win this.

A simpler and quicker method is to cause the collapse of a couple of contentious bills in Parliament, making it abundantly clear that Blair is a lame duck Prime Minister unable to control the Whip.

With just 34 MPs (instead of the 71) required to do this along with a co-ordinated Opposition - Blair will have to tail it to high heaven "yesterday".


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