Thursday, August 11, 2005

British Judiciary fights back

In a item in the British daily, the Independent, today Guilty! Senior judges accuse politicians over terror laws, it has become clear that corrupt politicians as the war criminal Tony Blair, and Opposition opportunist leader Michael Howard of the Conservative Party, are trying to wrest control from British Courts and Judiciary to save themselves from pssible war crimes charges.

They are doing this by starting a process of weakening the power of the Judiciary.

It is important to know that is recent precedence to this type of behaviour.

When opponents made allegations that the party of Indian Prime Minsister Indira Gandhi had practiced electoral fraud to win the 1971 elections, in June 1975 the High Court of Allahabad found the sitting Prime Minister guilty of this election fraud. It ordered her to be removed from her seat in Parliament and banned from running for an additional six years.

Rather than face the charges, Indira declared a State of Emergency, and in her own words, brought democracy "to a grinding halt". Invoking article 352 of the Indian Constitution, she granted herself extraordinary powers and launched a massive crackdown on civil liberties and political opposition.

However, by 1977, she knew she could not survive, as people, even in a country as illiterate as India was at that time, kicked her out of power. Indira knew that if she did not hold an election in 1977 she was going to be assasinated. Advanced plans were in position for exactly that and they were leaked to her deliberately.

So let the war criminals Bush and Blair and their cohorts remember that they are being monitored on an hourly basis all around the world. Till they are strung up for their horrific war crimes, the world will not rest. The first line of defence is the British Courts. I am glad to see the British Judiciary are standing their ground.

For the time being, Hurrah for British Justice and the British Judiciary.


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