Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Special action on 1st February 2007

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This message was sent to me by my friend 59er Peter Miovic for the widest possible circulation. Since I believe in this cause, I am posting this on all my blogs and groups.

Hope you will take heed and spread it within your circle.

Send this message to as many people as you know!

An action to bring climate change to the notice of Politicians and World Leaders

On February 1st 2007 take part in one of the biggest actions against climate change organised by the people.

L'Alliance pour la Planète (a group of environmental activists) send this call to all civilians:

Make our planet rest for five minutes!

Everybody is requested to dim his/her lights for five minutes between 7.55 pm and 8.00 pm on February 1st 2007.

This not only to save engergy for five minutes, but to bring this message in a way that will attract the attention of politicians and leaders.

It is time for them to take action and avoid the waste of energy.

During the 5 minutes we'll give the planet rest: it doesn't take long and it won't cost you a thing.

And it will make a statement before the Belgian federal elections that we as citizens want climate on the agenda.

And why February 1st 2007?

Because on that day a new file from the climatologic experts of the United Nations will be published in Paris.

Because it is with our Belgian neigbours, it is impossible to let this opportunity slip!

We have to get attention to the urgent matter of the worlds climatological situation. If everybody takes part in this action it will have an effect on media and politics that might have a real influence, this would be good on such short notice before the (Belgian) elections!

Make this message go around the globe, send it to friends, family and local politicians. Put it in your newsletter and your blogs.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton for President?

This was my comment in The Washington Note.

Hillary did not address my question.

With everyone screaming about the Bush twins not volunteering to go to Iraq, as a supporter of the war, did Hillary want or require her daughter to volunteer for service in Iraq, or was the capping meant only for others serving in Iraq?

No reply of course!

This followed my email to Hillary Clinton of Saturday last as she asked for dialogue:

Dear Hillary,

We listened today to your invitation to people to have a dialogue with you as you investigate whether you should stand for the post of the President of the US.

We are giving you, below, are our honest views.

We are sure you will ignore them. But, as you asked for them, here they are in brief.

But first: We are not American, we do not live in America, one of us is European, the other Asian, we are concerned citizens of the world, we are not Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, fundamentalists of any religion, Arabs, Blacks.

Dear Hillary, you have not understood the problem. But you are part of the problem.

You stood for the illegal war and occupation of Iraq when millions of us around the world took to the streets and protested against it. You ignored us but showed your ignorance and could not separate the truth from falsity. Not a good qualification for someone who wants to head the US.

You helped fund it and continued the killing of innocent Iraqis.

You stood by your US generals and soldiers who took part in the carnage of innocent civilians, the torture of innocents, the illegal imprisonment of people in Guantanamo and such war crimes, that many around the world consider you as one of those who need to be charged with war crimes.

You even took to task Cindy Sheehan for standing up for her dead son.

Yet, your daughter has not volunteered to go and fight for a war that you have blindly supported.

We may complain about the Bush twins not signing up, but what about your daughter?

No way? Will she run away the same direction as your husband at the time of the Vietnam war?

Your votes in Congress on the illegal war and occupation are hardly anything you should be proud of.

Now you stand for capping of the troop levels when most Iraqis want America to withdraw and 70% of Americans want the US troops OUT of Iraq.

As much as we admire you and your husband, we think your possible election as the President of USA will only further alienate the people around the world who see you as part of the problem, just as we see the illegal occupation of Iraq as the problem.

Thank you for trying to Listen. But we know the hypocrisy of US Politicians where such words as ours will go through one ear and out through the other!


Annikki & Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

No answer, no dialogue when it hits at the heart of the matter!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 vs 2006

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2006 was a wonderful year, better than 2005; 2005 was a wonderful year, better than 2004, and.......

So what lies ahead in 2007?

Our Symbol for 2007 - The White Orchid.

Judging by the first 6 days, it is going to be a hectic year ahead, far more exciting than the previous few years.

We can see several changes ahead.

Already, the blogging world has changed. We have started something different in that we have, besides the blogs, started our own Google Groups.

The first two Groups that we started are the Oulu CHAFF Group and the Seventh Heaven for Cathedralite 59ers.

In a matter of just a few hours, the 40+ people of the Class of 1959 from the Cathedral and John Connon School, both the Boys and Girls, were aboard the Group. In a matter of a couple of days the list of persons grew by over 10 so that we have now identified over 70 members of our years at school. All our Group members are scouring the world to locate the missing persons so that we can hold a great 50th year reunion in November 2009.

This 3-year project which has excited everyone from the Arctic (Jacob) across the globe!

The Oulu CHAFF Group is only slowly taking off the ground. But the restart of the meetings in 2007 have started with a real coup with a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Arpad Hamos and his wonderful wife, from Hungary, gracing the first meeting on Sunday.

It is obvious that the Oulu CHAFF Group will have its work cut out for it during this coming year as there are literally hundreds of issues hanging over the fire. The amazing part is that those that once received help are now making significant contributions in helping others, taking the burden off the few that were origially involved in setting up this Assistance Forum. Much more ways of helping those in distress are becoming available and it is going to be an exciting year as CHAFF consolidates itself.

The main Jacob's Blog will remain intact and present a more focused look at the lives of two individuals, Annikki and Jacob, as it takes another major direction during 2007.

Important changes are just being discussed. But they are causing huge waves across the city of Oulu.

Several, we are sure, who will be quite happy to see the likes of us out of this City. But, there are an equal number who are appalled that we may make some move away from Oulu after the 23 years we have been here.

What is important to understand is that with the new power to the people of the internet, wherever we may be, in Oulu or in Newcastle, England or in Kerala, India, we will still be able to handle the problems, be parts of Groups, take part in the action in different parts of the world, without the need of the physical presence in any location.

In the computer world it is probably refered to as "virtual reality". Annikki and Jacob will be part of that virtual reality not only in Oulu, but in several locations around the world, throughout the year.

With that, both of us would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and let good health and vitality follow you wherever you are.

In that we share a greeting which was sent to us by Thomas Grorge from Helsinki:

May this 2007,
Blessings harrass you,
Happiness attack you wherever you go,
May misery be hijacked from you, and
May thieves pickpocket all your worries.