Sunday, August 21, 2005

What Happened Last Fall?

Comment #40 on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 8/20/05 @ 1:43am ET...

Congressman John Conyers Jr. singles out the "progressive voices" of Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. However, the top fifteen of "real" truth and fact liberal Talk Show Hosts reads probably in this order of merit:

1. Mike Malloy (superb) (Whiterose)
2. Guy James (great) (Whiterose)
3. Thom Hartmann (historically correct but with a few hang ups) (Whiterose)
4. Peter Werbe (absolutely fair and balanced) (Whiterose)
5. Bernie Ward (righteous indignation) (Whiterose)
6. Tony Trupiano (on the side of labour) (Whiterose)
7. Lizz Brown (a breath of fresh air) (Whiterose)
8. Laura Flanders (should rate higher if the airing time was right)
9. Mark Levine (should rate higher if the airing time was right) (Whiterose)
10. Randi Rhodes (highly egoistic but factually good)
11. Ray Taliaferro (outrageously and sarcastically funny)
12. Stephanie Miller (should get a higher rating in future)
13. Nate Clay (great distinguished host)
14. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Mike Papantonio) (two great guys)
15. Mike Webb (gay and happy, but still angry enough)

Sunday Salon is a good show but is just coming back to its best after the long absence of its chief host, Larry Bensky, due to an operation.

Shows such as Al Franken, The Young Turks (Whiterose), John Rothmann, Majority Report, Morning Sedition, Rachel Maddow, Springer on the Radio, etc. have flashes of brilliance, but are just entertainment and attempts to be on the "right" side of the liberal coin. Some of them at times are downright irritating - especially Al Franken who laughs at his own jokes most of the time.

Those marked with (Whiterose) are archived at

thanks to the excellent work of benburch.


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