Monday, August 22, 2005

Can we expect more from a war criminal?

As was reported a couple of days ago, the Brazilians have asked for a Public Enquiry to be held in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes by the British Police and MI5 at Stockwell Tube Station on 22nd July 2005. The 27-year-old Brazilian was killed after officers wrongly linked him to the attempted bombings a day before.

One month on the "basic enquiry" appears to be working at snail's pace.

In a news report in BBC Brazilians to probe Menezes case there is the statement:

Mr Menezes' cousin will hand in a letter to the prime minister calling for a public inquiry.

On Sunday, a spokesman for Tony Blair said he fully backed Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair over his handling of the case.

Mr Menezes' family want Sir Ian to resign for incorrectly linking the shooting to the attempted bombings early on.

Both the Blairs have to resign and be tried for being accessories to murder, but do you think that will happen?


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