Sunday, June 26, 2005

US GO HOME - World Guantanamo Day

At the World Iraq Tribunal, a few minutes ago, Samir Amin just called for the


to be organised with the call being


He suggested that people should wear the Orange Jump Suits worn by the prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Gharaib.

Will anyone in the US organise this?

Who is Samir Amin:

He is an Egyptian-born and Paris-trained better known Neo-Marxian thinkers, both in development theory as well as in the relativistic-cultural critique of social sciences. Promoter of the conscious self-reliance of developing countries, particular for the Arab world.

Major Works of Samir Amin

* Accumulation on a World Scale, 1970.
* Neo-Colonialism in West-Africa, 1971.
* Unequal Development, 1973
* L'echange inégal et la loi de la valeur, 1973
* Imperialism and Unequal Development, 1976.
* The Arab Nation, 1976.
* The Law of Value and Historical Materialism, 1977.
* Class and Nation, Historically and in the Current Crisis, 1979.
* The Arab Economy Today, 1980
* The Future of Maoism, 1981.
* The Dynamics of Global Crisis, with G. Arrighi, A.G. Frank and I. Wallerstein, 1982.
* Delinking, 1985.
* Eurocentrism, 1988.
* Maldevelopment in Africa and in the Third World, 1989.
* L'empire du chaos, 1991


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