Sunday, January 24, 2010

What about Western Democracy?

Yesterday, I gave the reasons why I thought American Democracy, as it stands today, is pure crap.

Some of you have written to me about what I thought about Western Democracies, as a whole.

I am not an expert about Western Democracy, but I certainly know the Finnish System.

What would you say if one Government is a co-habitation of the Conservative Right with the Centre Party. In the next, it works out as a co-operation between the Conservative Right and the Socialist Left. The following Government turns out as a co-habitation between the Centre and the Socialist Left.

This is the outcome of the proportional system of election.

In short, there are no moralities or party positions in this form of election system. And that has been what the Finnish Democratic System is all about.

Would you, therefore, trust a politician who gets elected on a party platform and then, to get power, throws all his / her "principles" to the wind?

I would not.

In addition to this form of horse trading, the Police, the Judiciary and the Bureucracy are corrupt to the core in Finland. And the corruption is at the very top, not at the bottom, where there are just paid employees doing their job and carrying out orders.

Further, the entire legal system, administered through a bunch of self-serving lawyers, ensures that this corruption continues unabated. The Finnish Lawyer's Association (Suomen Asianajajaliitto) , supposedly to investigate any actions of their brotherhood which are questionable, exists purely to protect the brotherhood and the fair name of their corrupt profession.

A complaint to the Chancellor, or the Ombudsman, usually gets short shrift. They too form part of this corrupt power base.

Why would they want to shake it?

In such a situation, there can certainly be only one conclusion that the Finnish Democratic System is not a workable model.

Yes, it does work beautifully for the Oligarchic elite which rule the country and those hand-maidens who live of the crumbs that fall from the Master's Table.

But as far as the general public is concerned, Democracy means nothing except to accept what their Feudal Masters decide is in "their" best interest.

(Based on the text contained in the new book "Inheritance Nightmare" written by Jacob Matthan. This is a true story of how the Finnish corrupt systems continues to function with no checks and balances as of today!)

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