Monday, January 04, 2010

Forgive my scepticism

The latest move to demonise Yemen and Somali seems to have some undertones.

Is it that the US and British want to establish their military presence at the narrowest point into the Arabian Sea?

Sorry, but I do not trust their politicians one bit after they played the greatest lie of all about the Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq. Killed millions without even a by your leave. And even cold blooded murderers from Blackwater can "walk" FREE on a legal technicality.

While others, especially women and cildren, are killed without any chance of even asking for a judicial process!

Do you trust that form of justice?

And there was Barack talking about peace when he is ratcheting up the war in Afghanistan. NOBEL PEACE PRIZE - THAT WAS A LAUGH!

Who is raising the spectre of war?

The Americans talk about an attack on their "homeland" when one man tries to attack them.

But when, they as a national policy, attack and kill innocent women and children in another nation with no trial, then those people must accept the justice meted out by the US meekly and are not allowed to retaliate?

God (which one - Kali) bless America but not those innocent victims?

Barrack appears to be a war monger. He needs war to keep the attention away from his failed politics in the Middle East and at home.

Barrack is certainly no Christian - just a fake one, like Bush, Blair and Brown with Blood on THEIR hands!

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