Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drones again

A few weeks ago, while we were in Ahmedabad I blogged a report about Drones

Guess what. The "terrorists" have acquired software called "Sky Grabber" which enables them to watch exactly what the Americans are doing with their drones.

This is a huge embarrassment to the American military.

It is only two steps from there to be able to grab control of the drones and use them the way they like.

The Americans's are furiously working to now encrypt the data being transmitted, but anyone who has the skill can break the encrypting.

The foolishness of the American's continues to astound me.

The Soviets fought long and hard in Afghanistan. Did they win?

The Americans and NATO forces are also doing the same there. Do you honestly think they will win? And win what?

First they were fighting Al Qaida. Now they are fighting the Taliban. And they support a corrupt regime in Kabul!

Anyone heard of the support for the Shah of Iran by the Americans.

It is said that only fools commit the same mistake twice!

Americans have been committing the same mistake, again and again. Need I remind you of North and South Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the cold war against the Soviets, Pakistan, Iraq, etc., etc.

When will that country learn that they are only a banana republic. They have been unable to oust the Cuban leader Fidel Castro for many decades. Do they think they will win over the Afghan warlords even in two or three decades! Unlikely, even if they commit their entire US forces to that country.

They can never win hearts and minds through conflict, and that is all there is today in Afghanistan!.

The most sensible policy available is to move out of Afghanistan, ensure that the opium trade is unable to flourish, control all the neighbouring borders through detente, and the Afghan people will soon come to their senses and control their own destiny.

If people are so worried about Afghan women, then take them over to their country as refugees.

What society can function if there are no women to breed the fighters.

Today, the American action is only helping to breed more and more fighters. Every Afghan killed results in 10 or 100 more "freedom fighters".

As was so eloquently said by the Egyptian leader before the Iraq war, the Americans have created 1000 bin Ladens by their stupidity.

Remember, it was a Nigerian who tried to blow up the plane yesterday in Detroit. Nigeria is a far away place to Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

And do you remember what I wrote about the stupid airport security measures just a few days ago?

Will the Americans even pause and think: WHY?