Thursday, April 26, 2007

Riverbend is leaving

The girl blogger from Baghdad, known around the world as Riverbend has been off-line since February 20th 2007.

Many prayed for her as she has provided many of us with the deep insight of a family caught up in the Iraqi turmoil.

Today, she was back at the blog with an excellent explanation into the cement wall in Baghdad, the American apologist politicians in her country and the dramatic news that she is planning to leave Baghdad and Iraq.

Of all the blogs operating out of Baghdad, hers has been the only one which had a true face of a faceless Iraqi.

I am sure that all of you will join me in praying that Riverbend and her family will find safe haven somewhere so as to be able to return to their beloved country, Iraq, when it is free from the illegal occupation, and so that Iraqis can start to rebuild their country in the way they want!

Keep safe Riverbend.


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