Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Doha Debate at St. Stephen's College in Photographs

The Premises: Auditorium, St. Stephen's College, Delhi

The Moderator with the Panel

The Proposition: 'This House beleives Muslims are not getting a fair deal in India'.

The Moderator Tim Sebastian

The Speakers

Seena Mustafa

Sachin Pilot

Teesta Setalvad

M. J. Akbar

The Questioners


The Audience

The Vote

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

John Yoo - a modern day Nazi

Any of you who watched the Fareed Zakaria interview of John Yoo, the author the Bush Torture Memo, would have seen sheer evil.

This man, Yoo, is great at hiding behind words. In the interview, I am grateful that Fareed, in his own inimitable way, pressed Yoo to the point get his views.

Dodging, twisting and turning were the tricks followed by John Yoo.

The fact that he was willing to give up the Geneva Convention to gain control of all power for the WAR pResident, showed he had no other objective.

He was at no time trying to prove any political or legal point. He was after sheer power to do anything to anyone who did not follow the pResident. His legal views on warrantless searches, domestic surveillance, enhanced interrogation torture and expansive executive power show the brain of a true Nazi! (After all, were not the German Jews, and Jews per se, only Hitler's enemy combatants? Of course, they would not have been able to be granted protection under the Geneva Convention!)

Would Yoo give the same advice he gave pResident Bush to the present incumbent?

i do not think so, as he will find many fine words and legal arguments to specify what Obama can and cannot do.

Would it be lawful for Obama to imprison John Yoo and torture him?

And that too just on MY suspicion that he is an enemy combatant?

I am a bit peeved that Fareed did not have the courage to ask John Yoo that question.

To brand anyone an enemy combatant at the will of the pResident is the height of Nazism!

And to see it expressed so eloquently by an American University Professor was positively frightening!

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