Saturday, May 16, 2009

I was certainly wrong

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I now realise how divorced I am from Indian Politics and especially the mentality of the Indian people.

This was just in:

Only a few results have been confirmed so far - they included a win for former UN diplomat Shashi Tharoor for Congress in Kerala's capital, Trivandrum.

In the old days, an outsider would never have got in this easily as Shashi did. I remember how K. T. Chandy, who had been Chairman of Hindustan Lever, tried and failed to get into Kerala Politics in the Seventies. He was called a "foreigner" by the Keralites!!

I do hope this change also ushers in a new form of Government, especially in Kerala, where the school final failed party members have dominated the Government.

Also the antiques who have dominated Kerala Politics for a couple of decades should now call it a day.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My suspicions now fully confirmed

(Also posted on Jacob's Blog.)

When everybody was raving about Obama for President, I kept quiet, as I knew that he would sway with the powerful tide on several major matters. I kept up my support for Dennis Kucinich, as he was the only candidate which did not move from his committed policies.

Obama did not even bother to give this man a chance in his Government to show what could be done in the interest of peace.

I did not have to wait long to see what I believed would happen.

Obama's strategy in Iraq remains the same - keep forces there as long as possible. Give a picture of withdrawal when there is none. An image for the masses.

In Afghanistan, not only has he increased troop numbers, but he continues the policy of Bush. Obama's policy is even worse that that followed by Bush - increase forces and keep on killing innocent women and children as part of collateral damage!

Did you vote for CHANGE?

Now comes the latest - that the photographs of American forces abusing prisoners will not be released as "it would antagonize the enemy".

Any different from Abu Ghraib where it was leaked photographs that exposed the American behaviour!?

Obama, Any different from Bush.

Come on, Congressman Dennis - please speak up NOW.

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