Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Conference Call, Democratic Underground Forum, Impeachment

It is rare that I mix a political entry on our Jacob’s Blog as I usually reserve it for my Jacob’s Politics Blog.

Dennis Kucinich with his English wife, Elizabeth.

Today is different as Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich is presenting a privileged resolution, HR 333, in the US House of Representatives to impeach Dick Cheney. He has 21 co-sponsors. It is likely that besides the Republicans, most Democrat Congressman will throw their oath to uphold the US Constitution to the winds and not support this outstanding Congressman in his effort to save America and the world from a couple of madmen and their cohorts.

In a Conference Call today which was packed out to such an extend that even top Talk Show Host, Peter B. Collins, was unable to enter into the proceedings, Dennis Kucinich showed that even though his fellow Democrats may sabotage HR 333, he has many steps up his sleeve so as to keep this on the table and that it could also lead to his steps to Impeach Bush.

It was amazing that Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, was worried about what Bill O'Riley would say about impeachment rather than his constitutional responsibility. This is not a question about votes but following ones constitutional obligations.

Dennis Kucinich and his band of 21 are showing the way ahead.

In a straw poll that the Talk Show Host, Thom Hartman did on his programme at the end of last week, he held a rapid fire 10 minute caller poll and out of 73 callers, 41 supported John Edwards, 21 supported Dennis Kucinich, 7 supported Barrack Obama. there was 1 for each of Hilary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and none for Joe Biden and Mike Gravel. One voted for Al Gore, even though Al Gore was not on the list.

Everyone thinks that Dennis Kucinich is not a serious contender for the post of US President. That is because the Corporate Lobby which provides 90% of the funding for Presidential Candidates and the Main Stream Media, which is owned by these Corporates, do not want to tell the Public of the tremendous grass roots supports that Dennis Kucinich enjoys.

Over the last six months, ever major Liberal Talk Show Host has been screaming that Dennis Kucinich is the only credible Presidential candidate who has stood consistently and in every respect against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and has promised to bring the troops home within 3 months of his Presidency.

Every vote he has made and every speech has given is consistent with this stand. There has been no flip-flopping, like every other Presidential Candidate, who are time servers and sycophants to their funding sources.

Democratic Underground (DU) is the largest forum the Democrat intelligentsia base. They have over 110000 committed Democrats who take part on this forum with over 32 million postings since 2001.

I am a registered member to this forum where I air my ideas and thoughts and take part in all things which non-subscribers are permitted to do, including partake in the various polls that frequently come on line.

Thursday before last, one of the members put up a poll regarding whom the members thought should be the Democrat Presidential candidate. In the media Hillary Clinton is the front runner with Barrack Obaam and John Edwards following close behind. This is in keeping with how much money they have raised (which translates to the media in their potential advertising earnings) from their Corporate base.

From the very beginning of this DU poll, Dennis Kucinich, who has just 1 to 2 % in media run polls, pulled away with 36% with his closest rival being John Edwards with 31%. As the poll went on this ratio did not change.

After almost a week of polling, with one of the highest polling rates in all DU Polls the final standing was as shown in the screen shot below.

I tracked the polls from the very beginning, but only stared taking the screen shots when over 900 votes were cast and the results show that Dennis Kucinich is the choice of the educated and informed Democrat.

I have been a Dennis Kucinich supporter because he is only one I can trust. He is the only one who can bring back the US from being a banana republic into the group of civilised nations who believe in the rule of law, international peace, diplomacy and true democracy, not Corporatocracy which is just short of fascism.

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