Friday, March 16, 2007

Anti-racism Week in Oulu

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Next week, 19th to 25th March 2007, is Anti-Racism week.

Tero Raiskio and I have been involved, as CHAFF Participants, with the Oulu based organisations - Amnesty International, the Finnish Red Cross, the United Nations, the International Schoolof Oulu and Setlementi, to organise a series of events to draw attention to this.

Ildikó Hámos kicked off the proceedings with a talk about CHAFF to the Oulu City Club of Rotary International. This was organised by another CHAFF participant, Ville Suomi, who is also a Rotarian.

Ildikó then helped me in a talk about Ethnic Minorities and their problems in Oulu and Finland. This was aimed at a group of students of the Heinatori School in Central Oulu. This was organised by Päivi Jurvakainen of the Oulu Office of the Finnish Red Cross.

I was able to distribute the new Oulu CHAFF laminated information cards to all those who took part. They were kindly printed for me by Unnop Khungrai of the Thai Pailin Restaurant.

Late in the evening, I was able to get the posters that announce next weeks events, from Päivi, who returned to her office to print them after she had gone home, so that I could distribute them to all the major restaurants run by foreigners in Oulu.

The Poster was designed by Zambian artist and CHAFF Participant, Kamutaza Tembo. He came up with 3 brilliant ideas. The Organising Committee chose the one shown above to highlight all the events.

The feeling is so symbolic as the Finnish Flag in the form of a heart shaped key holder with three keys (white, black and yellow) symbolising the ethnic minorities is simply superb and absolutely original.

The other designs by Kamu are also being used for other documents associated with the Racism Week.

To help defray the costs of Kamu's designing work, Isaac Sundarajan, CEO of Codenomicon Oy, Hasim and Kasim, partners of Goreme Pizzeria, Unnop Khungrai, proprietor of the Thai Pailin Restaurant and Oulu Councillor Raimo Kuismin, joined Annikki and Jacob. Our special thanks to them for giving their hand to help a truly outstanding artist.

To see other works of Kamu, please click on a link in the sidebar, where I have set up a page of some of his great art works dating back to the time he was a young budding artist in Zambia.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Steve continues the Iranian General saga

Steve Clemons continues his story about the Iranian General.

My comment on his blog was:

Obviously this is the guy that is going to confirm the "Uranium from DR Congo" fable!

Wonder which Ambassador's wife they are now looking to out this time around?

You Yanks are so so sweet! :.)

Posted by Jacob Matthan at March 9, 2007 02:09 AM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Intelligence and Oxymoronic

Steve Clemons of the blog The Washington Note had an entry Key Iranian General and former Deputy Defense Minister May Haved Defected to United States,

This was a comment I posted on his blog related to his entry:

"Wonder whether the American TV Watching public have heard the words "Power Politics", "Moles", "Double Agents", "Ahmed Chalabi", "Curveball", ....

But then we know from prior experience that to use the words Americans and "intelligence" in the same sentence would be oxymoronic..."

Posted by Jacob Matthan at March 7, 2007 10:44 PM