Saturday, August 27, 2005

This video clip is great

Watch Cindy Sheehan on the Bill Maher Show

Finnish TV Channel stops Pat Robertson broadcasts

"The fact that a well-known Christian person says something like this is a serious matter in our opinion. We are disappointed in him, and that is why we suspended the programme", says Martti Ojares, managing director of Taivas TV7.

Finnish Christian digital TV channel stops broadcasts of US televangelist Pat Robertson: Mixing religion and politics seen as "foreign to Finnish culture"

The Finnish digital television channel Taivas TV7, which focuses on Christian programming, announced on Thursday that it was suspending broadcasts of the US-produced programme "The 700 Club" because of a call by the programme's top figure, televangelist and right-wing political activist Pat Robertson, for the assassination of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez.


US asked to withdraw

Already in the final communique of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), US had been asked to withdraw from the region.

Today, the Uzbek Senate Backs U.S. Eviction From Base.

The 93 Senators present at the session voted unanimously to support the July 29 order from Karimov's government giving the United States six months to vacate Karshi-Khanabad, an airbase in the southern Kashkadarya region.

However, it was this truth that was the outstanding feature of the issue:

"We know that fundamentalist moods arise wherever U.S. bases appear. Enemies of the United States appear wherever there is a U.S. military presence, and we don't want to be caught in-between," Kashkadarya governor Nuritdin Zainiyev said before the vote.

The head of the Senate's foreign relations committee and the country's former foreign minister, Sadyk Safayev, said the people of Kashkadarya had demanded the troops leave, alleging they had caused environmental damage. He also questioned the need for the troops in Afghanistan.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A powerful letter from Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of former US Senator John Edwards, D-N.C.

This is a MUST READ

Cindy Sheehan is asking a very simple thing of her government, and she and her family, and most particularly Casey, have paid a very dear price for the right to ask this.

Cindy wants Casey's death to have meant as much as his life -- lived fully -- might have meant. I know this, as does every mother who has ever stood where we stand. And the President says he knows enough, doesn't need to hear from Casey's mother, doesn't need to assure her that Casey's is not one small death in a long and seemingly never-ending drip of deaths, that there is a plan here that will bring our sons and daughters home. He doesn't need to hear from her, he says. He claims he understands how some people feel about the deaths in Iraq.

The President is wrong.

If we are decent and compassionate, if we know the lessons we taught our children, or if, selfishly, all we want is the long line of the brave to protect us in the future, we should listen to the mothers now.

Listen to Cindy.

But Cindy does not want the support of "so-called Democrats"!!

This is absolutely outstanding

There were 21 Bush malAdministration individuals who were involved with the outing of Valerie Plame.

What a great situation to be in to destroy your own country's covert network for a personal agenda!!

Thanks guys, the world is eternally thankful to you malAdministrators for exposing this!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Re: We're in the Middle East To Threaten Asian Oil

Comment posted on TPM cafe on Aug 24, 2005

Maureen Dowd exposes frontal nudity

In the New York Times today, opinion columnist Maureen Dowd exposed Bush's frontal nudity by writing in the piece My Private Idaho as follows:

What twisted logic: with no W.M.D., no link to 9/11 and no democracy, now we have to keep killing people and have our kids killed because so many of our kids have been killed already? Talk about a vicious circle: the killing keeps justifying itself.

Even more interesting was her statement in the piece which hit The New York Times and Judith Miller a double blow:

The rest of us may be fixated on the depressing tableau in Iraq, where the U.S. seems to be delivering a fundamentalist Islamic state into the dirty hands of men like Ahmad Chalabi, who conned the neocons into pushing for war, and his ally Moktada al-Sadr, the Shiite cleric who started two armed uprisings against U.S. troops. It was his militiamen who ambushed Casey Sheehan's convoy in Sadr City.

Instead of using the word "neocons", it would have been more accurate of Maureen to call the spades, that have dug the graves for the American soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children, THE SPADES!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Please do watch this online video from TAKE BACK THE MEDIA

Monday, August 22, 2005

Can we expect more from a war criminal?

As was reported a couple of days ago, the Brazilians have asked for a Public Enquiry to be held in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes by the British Police and MI5 at Stockwell Tube Station on 22nd July 2005. The 27-year-old Brazilian was killed after officers wrongly linked him to the attempted bombings a day before.

One month on the "basic enquiry" appears to be working at snail's pace.

In a news report in BBC Brazilians to probe Menezes case there is the statement:

Mr Menezes' cousin will hand in a letter to the prime minister calling for a public inquiry.

On Sunday, a spokesman for Tony Blair said he fully backed Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair over his handling of the case.

Mr Menezes' family want Sir Ian to resign for incorrectly linking the shooting to the attempted bombings early on.

Both the Blairs have to resign and be tried for being accessories to murder, but do you think that will happen?

Re: Danger in Bangladesh

Comment posted on TPM cafe on Aug 21, 2005

Who should resign?

Today's Independent carries the story Tube Shooting: who really said what and who was to blame

One witness, Mark Whitby, told BBC News he had seen Jean Charles - whom he described as an "Asian guy" - being pursued on to the train by armed officers. He had been sitting in the carriage, and saw the incident at close quarters. "As the man got on the train I looked at his face. He looked from left to right, but he basically looked like a cornered rabbit, like a cornered fox.

"He looked absolutely petrified. He sort of tripped but they were hotly pursuing him and couldn't have been more than two or three feet behind him at this time.

"He half-tripped, was half-pushed to the floor. The policeman nearest to me had the black automatic pistol in his left hand, he held it down to the guy and unloaded five shots into him.

"He looked like a Pakistani but he had a baseball cap on, and quite a thickish coat.

This was total fabrication - Why?

What police said - and what really happened

The police claim: A man of "Asian appearance", behaving suspiciously, is shot dead by police on a Tube train in Stockwell.

The truth: The dead man, Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was Brazilian.

The police claim: His shooting was "directly linked" to the investigation into the London bombings.

The truth: Mr de Menezes was an electrician and had nothing to do with the London bombings.

The police claim: Witnesses described him running into the Tube station, vaulting the barriers.

The truth: He walked into the station and picked up a free newspaper before entering with a travel pass. He made his way to the platform. He started to run only when the train arrived.

The police claim: Witnesses said he was wearing an "unseasonable" heavy coat, and Scotland Yard said his clothing had "added to suspicions".

The truth: Photographs of the body show Mr de Menezes wearing a blue denim jacket.

The police claim: "As I understand the situation the man was challenged and refused to obey police instructions" - Sir Ian Blair.

The truth: There was no police challenge.

The police claim: Mr de Menezes ran on to the Tube train, tripped and was shot five times by police as he lay on the floor.

The truth: CCTV footage is said to show Mr de Menezes pausing, looking left and right, and sitting on a seat facing the platform. A police witness says Mr de Menezes stood up when the police arrived. The policeman then pinned his arms to his sides and pushed him back in the seat. Mr de Menezes was then shot 10 times - three of the bullets missed

These "facts" were contained in a story filed on 23rd July 2005 in The Telegraph Bomb suspect gunned down on Tube after frantic chase with armed police, by James Burleigh, and Ben Fenton

The man, who several witnesses said was wearing an unseasonably warm overcoat or jacket, was walking towards Stockwell Tube station at the corner of Clapham Road and Lambeth Road.

One witness suggested that as the man neared Stockwell station, he became aware that he was being followed, ......

In any case, the pace of events accelerated from this point. Chris Wells, a 28-year-old company manager, said he was travelling on the Victoria line towards Vauxhall when he left the train at Stockwell.

He saw about 20 police officers, some of them armed, rushing into the station.

He said: "There were at least 20 of them [officers] and they were carrying big black guns.

"The next thing I saw was this guy jump over the barriers and the police officers were chasing after him and everyone was just shouting 'get out, get out'." Several other witnesses reported seeing the man jump over the ticket barriers and being chased by three men in plain clothes but carrying guns.

They said the fugitive ran down the escalator from the ticket hall to the Northern line, the deeper of two lines that run through Stockwell, the other being the Victoria line.

There were plenty of witnesses to what happened next, but, as often happens in situations of extreme stress,
the precise order of events is not certain

The most eloquent testimony came from Mark Whitby, 47, a water installation engineer from Brixton, who was sitting on the Tube train reading a newspaper while it was stationary with its doors open.

He said: "I heard people shouting 'get down, get down'. An Asian guy ran on to the train and I looked at his face. He looked from left to right, but he basically looked like a cornered rabbit - he was absolutely petrified."

He added: "The man half tripped and was then pushed to the floor by three plain-clothes police officers who were pursuing him.

"One of the police officers was holding a black automatic pistol in his left hand.

"He held it down to him and unloaded five shots into him. I saw it all. He was dead, five shots. I was literally less than five yards away."

Another passenger, Rob Lowe, 33, from Balham, south London, saw the incident from another viewpoint in the carriage.

"The Tube was stationary and then a man came on who I presume now to be a plain clothes policeman, but at the time I didn't know who he was," he said.

"He was looking quite shifty, getting up and sitting back down again. I felt a bit awkward around him.

Mr Whitby said the dead man, who was fairly large and well-built, had a baseball cap on and "quite a thickish coat, a sort of padded jacket".

"He looked out of place. It is hot, humid weather, but I didn't see him carrying anything."

When people fabricate things there can be no precise order!!

Both Tony Blair and Sir Ian Blair should resign be tried as accessories to MURDER.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

What Happened Last Fall?

Comment #40 on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 8/20/05 @ 1:43am ET...

Congressman John Conyers Jr. singles out the "progressive voices" of Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. However, the top fifteen of "real" truth and fact liberal Talk Show Hosts reads probably in this order of merit:

1. Mike Malloy (superb) (Whiterose)
2. Guy James (great) (Whiterose)
3. Thom Hartmann (historically correct but with a few hang ups) (Whiterose)
4. Peter Werbe (absolutely fair and balanced) (Whiterose)
5. Bernie Ward (righteous indignation) (Whiterose)
6. Tony Trupiano (on the side of labour) (Whiterose)
7. Lizz Brown (a breath of fresh air) (Whiterose)
8. Laura Flanders (should rate higher if the airing time was right)
9. Mark Levine (should rate higher if the airing time was right) (Whiterose)
10. Randi Rhodes (highly egoistic but factually good)
11. Ray Taliaferro (outrageously and sarcastically funny)
12. Stephanie Miller (should get a higher rating in future)
13. Nate Clay (great distinguished host)
14. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Mike Papantonio) (two great guys)
15. Mike Webb (gay and happy, but still angry enough)

Sunday Salon is a good show but is just coming back to its best after the long absence of its chief host, Larry Bensky, due to an operation.

Shows such as Al Franken, The Young Turks (Whiterose), John Rothmann, Majority Report, Morning Sedition, Rachel Maddow, Springer on the Radio, etc. have flashes of brilliance, but are just entertainment and attempts to be on the "right" side of the liberal coin. Some of them at times are downright irritating - especially Al Franken who laughs at his own jokes most of the time.

Those marked with (Whiterose) are archived at

thanks to the excellent work of benburch.

Submitting a petition to Tony Blair?

It has been reported in the Online Edition of the London Times article London bombs, August 20, 2005, 'Blood money' and leaks: how a week went sour for the Met by Stewart Tendler and Daniel McGrory that the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian who was murdered by the Metropolitan Police with the co-operation of Scotland Yard and MI5 on July 22nd 2005 at Stockwell Tube Station, that they intended to send a petition to Tony Blair!!

“The police even went to Brazil and met my family, yet they still didn’t tell us the truth,” he said. “Did they think because we are poor Brazilians we do not deserve the truth?

“I want Ian Blair to imagine how we felt having to listen to the lies about Jean . . . to see Ian Blair on television telling those lies.” On Monday, the family plans to present a letter to Tony Blair demanding that the police be held to account for Mr de Menezes’s death.

How can a war criminal who thrives on death handle any such petition? The buck should stop at Tony Blair's table. He should be the one who is placed, along with Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, on trial for this brutal murder.

There is plenty of blood on the hands of Tony Blair.

But, he is used to that as he claims he has made peace with his Maker for all his bloodthirsty acts of killing innocent people - including the tragic case of David Kelley!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Top 15 Liberal Talk Show Hosts

This was posted by me on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog.

Congressman John Conyers Jr. singles out the "progressive voices" of Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. However, the top fifteen of "real" truth and fact liberal Talk Show Hosts reads probably in this order of merit:

1. Mike Malloy (superb) (Whiterose)
2. Guy James (great) (Whiterose)
3. Thom Hartmann (historically correct but with a few hang ups) (Whiterose)
4. Peter Werbe (absolutely fair and balanced) (Whiterose)
5. Bernie Ward (righteous indignation) (Whiterose)
6. Tony Trupiano (on the side of labour) (Whiterose)
7. Lizz Brown (a breath of fresh air) (Whiterose)
8. Laura Flanders (should rate higher if the airing time was right)
9. Mark Levine (should rate higher if the airing time was right) (Whiterose)
10. Randi Rhodes (highly egoistic but factually good)
11. Ray Taliaferro (outrageously and sarcastically funny)
12. Stephanie Miller (should get a higher rating in future)
13. Nate Clay (great distinguished host)
14. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Mike Papantonio) (two great guys)
15. Mike Webb (gay and happy, but still angry enough)

Sunday Salon is a good show but is just coming back to its best after the long absence of its chief host, Larry Bensky, due to an operation.

Shows such as Al Franken, The Young Turks (Whiterose), John Rothmann, Majority Report, Morning Sedition, Rachel Maddow, Springer on the Radio, etc. have flashes of brilliance, but are just entertainment and attempts to be on the "right" side of the liberal coin. Some of them at times are downright irritating - especially Al Franken who laughs at his own jokes most of the time.

Those marked with (Whiterose) are archived at

thanks to the excellent work of benburch.

Knocking them off - one by one

Tony Blair is watching his anti-war Labour party opponents being knocked off, one by one.

First was Robin Cook on 6th August 2005.

Former Cabinet minister Robin Cook, 59, has died after collapsing while hill walking in north-west Scotland.
more ....

He first became an MP for Edinburgh Central in 1974 and was appointed the shadow health secretary in 1989, becoming shadow trade and industry secretary in 1992.

In 1994, he became the shadow foreign secretary, a position he held until the 1997 election.

After Labour's landslide win, he entered the Cabinet as foreign secretary.

A Cabinet reshuffle after the 2001 Labour victory saw him replaced at the Foreign Office by Jack Straw, with Mr Cook instead given the job of Leader of the Commons.

He resigned that position in the lead-up to the conflict in Iraq in protest over Tony Blair's decision to go to war.

He had been an outspoken critic of the government's foreign policy from the backbench.

Today comes news of the demise of former Northern Ireland secretary, Mo Mowlam, aged just 55.

A former key ally of Mr Blair, who helped organise his leadership bid in 1994, she became increasingly disaffected with his premiership and was a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq.

Who is next on his list - Clare Short or George Galloway?

Hypocrisy has many names - this times it is Walter Jones

In a report put out by STEVE HARTSOE, Associated Press Writer Support Said Growing for Iraq Exit Plan states:

RALEIGH, N.C. - Congressman Walter Jones said Thursday he has about 50 co-sponsors on a joint resolution that calls on President Bush to announce by year's end a plan for withdrawal from Iraq.

The resolution — introduced in June by Jones, another Republican and two Democrats — calls on the president to begin executing the withdrawal by Oct. 1, 2006. It does not set an end date.

"I think that people have finally understood what we're doing," Jones said after a meeting at the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, noting that people have mistakenly thought the resolution was binding.

It is obvious that this is a ploy to get a re-election strategy into place now that support for the war is tanking.

Any Democrat who trusts any Republican in joining this resolution is a bigger fool that I think!!

The only resolution that would make sense is one put forward by Republicans which is for IMMEDIATE UNCONDITIONAL WITHDRAWAL.

You think any Republican is going to sign up for that? Think again.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Russia and China in Joint Military Exercises

Bill has reported on Thursday 18th August 2005 on the Joint Military Exercises being held by Russia and China. In the report is one specific phrase which sums up the reason:

To be more specific, the war game showcasing the two countries'military might is aimed to help them get ready for a joint fight against international terrorists, national separatists and religious extremists, said Sergey N. Goncharov, charge d'affaires of the Russian Embassy in China, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Beijing on Thursday.

International terrorists, national separatists and religious extremists = Bush and his Criminal Gang!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Boy King spends his days....

Op-Ed Columnist, Bob Herbert, in the New York Times of Friday 18th August 2005 hits the nail on the head in his article Blood Runs Red, Not Blue

Here are some JUICY excerpts :

You have to wonder whether reality ever comes knocking on George W. Bush's door. If it did, would the president with the unsettling demeanor of a boy king even bother to answer? Mr. Bush is the commander in chief who launched a savage war in Iraq and now spends his days happily riding his bicycle in Texas.

This is eerie. Scary. Surreal. more....

Instead, Mr. Bush is bicycling as soldiers and marines are dying. Dozens have been killed since he went off on his vacation. more....

The president has never been clear about why we're in Iraq. There's no plan, no strategy. In one of the many tragic echoes of Vietnam, U.S. troops have been fighting hellacious battles to seize areas controlled by insurgents, only to retreat and allow the insurgents to return. more....

If Mr. Bush's war in Iraq is worth dying for, then the children of the privileged should be doing some of the dying.

The truth is shocking and hurts

Here is an open letter to Mr. Larry Northern of Waco, Texas, a so-called responsible and up-standing human being, who like all Bushites, under the cover of darkness mowed down the crosses at Crawford, Texas, THAT HONOURED SOME US SOLDIERS who lost their lives in Iraq.

The original appeared in the blog called OPERATION TRUTH

I hope Larry Northern is proud of his actions:

Mr. Northern:

I am a Veteran of the Iraq war, having served with the 4th Infantry Division on the initial invasion with Force Package One.

While I was in Iraq,a very good friend of mine, Christopher Cutchall,was killed in an unarmoredHMMWV outside of Baghdad. He was a cavalry scout serving with the 3d ID.Once he had declined the award of a medal because Soldiers assigned to him did not receive similar awards that he had recommended. He left two sons and awonderful wife. On Monday night, August 16, you ran down the memorial cross erected for him by Arlington West.

One of my Soldiers in Iraq was Roger Turner. We gave him a hard time because he always wore all of his protective equipment, including three pairs of glasses or goggles. He did this because he wanted to make sure that he returned home to his family. He rode a bicycle to work every day to make sure that he was able to save enough money on his Army salary to send his son to college. At Camp Anaconda, where the squadron briefly stayed, a rocket landed inside a tent, sending a piece of debris or fragment into him and killed him. On Monday night, August 16, you ran down the memorial cross erected for him by Arlington West.

One of my Soldiers was Henry Bacon. He was one of the finest men I ever met. He was in perfect shape for a man over forty, working hard at night. He told me that he did that because he didn't have much money to buy nice things for his wife, who he loved so much, so he had to be in good shape for her. He was like a father to many young men in his section of maintenance mechanics. They fixed our vehicles with almost no support and fabricated parts and made repairs that kept our squadron rolling on the longest, fastest armor advance ever made under fire. He was so very proud of his son-in-law that married the beautiful daughter so well raised by Henry. His son-in-law was a helicopter pilot with the 1st Cavalry Division, who died last year. Henry stopped to rescue a vehicle belonging to another unit on what was to be his last day in Iraq. He could have kept rolling - he was headed to Kuwait after a year's tour. But he stopped. He could have sent others to do the work, but he was on the ground, leading by example, when he was killed. On Monday night, August 16, you took it upon yourself to go out in the country, where a peaceful group was exercising their constitutional rights, and harming no one, and you ran down the memorial cross erected for Henry and for his son-in-law by Arlington West.

Mr. Northern - I know little about Cindy Sheehan except that she is a grieving mother, a gentle soul, and wants to bring harm to no one. I know little about you except that you found your way to Crawford on Monday night in August with chains and a pipe attached to your truck for the sole purpose of dishonoring a memorial erected for my friends and lost Soldiers and hundreds of others that served this nation when they were called. I find it disheartening that good men like these have died so that people like you can threaten a mother who lost a child with your actions. I hope that you are ashamed of yourself.

Perry Jefferies, First Sergeant, USA (retired)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

British Judiciary fights back

In a item in the British daily, the Independent, today Guilty! Senior judges accuse politicians over terror laws, it has become clear that corrupt politicians as the war criminal Tony Blair, and Opposition opportunist leader Michael Howard of the Conservative Party, are trying to wrest control from British Courts and Judiciary to save themselves from pssible war crimes charges.

They are doing this by starting a process of weakening the power of the Judiciary.

It is important to know that is recent precedence to this type of behaviour.

When opponents made allegations that the party of Indian Prime Minsister Indira Gandhi had practiced electoral fraud to win the 1971 elections, in June 1975 the High Court of Allahabad found the sitting Prime Minister guilty of this election fraud. It ordered her to be removed from her seat in Parliament and banned from running for an additional six years.

Rather than face the charges, Indira declared a State of Emergency, and in her own words, brought democracy "to a grinding halt". Invoking article 352 of the Indian Constitution, she granted herself extraordinary powers and launched a massive crackdown on civil liberties and political opposition.

However, by 1977, she knew she could not survive, as people, even in a country as illiterate as India was at that time, kicked her out of power. Indira knew that if she did not hold an election in 1977 she was going to be assasinated. Advanced plans were in position for exactly that and they were leaked to her deliberately.

So let the war criminals Bush and Blair and their cohorts remember that they are being monitored on an hourly basis all around the world. Till they are strung up for their horrific war crimes, the world will not rest. The first line of defence is the British Courts. I am glad to see the British Judiciary are standing their ground.

For the time being, Hurrah for British Justice and the British Judiciary.

Re: Hackett Proves We Can Win Ohio

Comment posted on From The Roots on Wed Aug 10th, 2005

Google "Failure" !!!!!!!

This was sent to me by my dear friend from Chennai, India.

Google the word "Failure" and you will be SURPRISED which is the No. 1 HIT page!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Re: Squandered Victory?

Comment posted on TPM cafe on Aug 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A graphic shows Coalition Casulaties

Visit this site and click on the red button to see the graphic of coalition casualities caused by the Resistance Fighters in the present Invasion and Occupation of Iraq.

Watch it for the first time. Then click "View again" after removing the check mark against the "US" in the "Fatalities by Country" sidebar.

Makes for an interssting observation about the "Coalition of the Bribed and Coerced".

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I dissent with the OPINION of Mr. Parris

My letter to The Edtor of The London Times:

"Dear Editor,

Mathew Parris in his OPINION piece of August 6th 2005 Suicide bombings will pass – they are just a grisly terrorist fashion ends with this paragraph:

Now for the difficult part. If “terror” is to be spearheaded by suicide bombers, and if the suicide bomber’s real weapon is our horror of his conviction, then the “War” against “Terror” must become the war against horror: our own. We must acknowledge, confront and shake off our respect for the suicide bomber. His tactic is pitiful. Scorn and disregard, not shock and awe, are the right response.

Has Mr. Parris lost his only 9 year old son in a brutal unprovoked attack by British or American forces?

Has Mr. Parris had his sister raped by the collaborators who now are part of the El Salvador type Death Squads that John Negroponte has set up in Iraq?

Has Mr. Parris had his younger brother tortured in Abu Ghraib prison and then received the mutilated body and told that the boy died of natural causes?

Suicide bombers, or those that carry out these vengeful acts, have nothing whatsoever to do with gaining glory or martyrdom. No names are publishd, no eulogies are said. Their names are not prominently displayed in the Orbituray Column of The London Times.

These are acts of desperation by a people who see their fellowmen being treated like animals and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

They see only more cowardly statements come from the war criminals, Bush and Blair regimes, and their Iraqi sycophantic collaborators.

I am almost waiting to hear the next sentence from Mr. Parris that the French Resistance should have rolled over and played dead when France was overrun by Hitler!

The tactic is not pitiful - it is the only tactic they have in their armour as they do not want to live with the agonising suffering in their heart. All their pride and joys have been removed from the face of this earth. They see this as the only way to obtain retribution for what these cowards and bullies have done to them and their families.

Remember what President Mubarak said at the outset of this war:

" "When it is over, if it is over, this war will have horrible consequences," Mubarak told Egyptian soldiers in the city of Suez on Monday.

"Instead of having one (Osama) bin Laden, we will have 100 bin Ladens," he said. "

This is their resistance, it is not terrorism.

It may seem "obscene" to a man who talks with a forked tongue, like Blair, but it is justice for the men that carry out these acts and for the evil done to them

(Sarcasm ON) Was "shock and awe" unleashed on the innocent Iraqi population the justified vengence for 911 which killed less than 3000 people the adequate deposition of justice by the American and British population. (Sarcasm OFF)

I wish Mr. Parris would get his perspectives in the right order!!

Latest on DSM; Iraq

Comment #55 posted on Congressman John Conyers Jr.'s blog: jmatthan said on 8/6/05 @ 3:48am ET...

I must strongly disagree with your comment:

"where our great candidate Paul Hackett almost pulled out a win in one of the reddest districts in the nation. When (not if) we retake the House in '06, I believe we will see his stand in OH-2 as a bellweather."

1. In elections you either "win" or "lose". Looking at your Report on the Ohio Elections in 2004, the Republicans have mastered the technique of winning. The margin is close for a particular purpose - to lull an observer into accepting the result.

2. Paul Hackett was not a good "Democrat" candidate. He was Kerry-lite and a Bush stay-in-Iraq apologist.

3. Hackett participated in the "Christian" Fallujah massacre. Listen to the testimony of eye-witnesses was at the War Tribunal on Iraq for the other side of the story.

4. Just because he said Bush was a "chicken-hawk" and gained the mainstream media notoriety, did not make him a good candidate.

5. Hackett was sending more troops to Iraq and prolonging the suffering of the Iraqis and the massacre of more people who are fighting for their freedom from the illegal occupiers.

6. Hackett had no vision, except his own myopic view of the American military. Militarism, per se, creates such a myopic view. Hackett does not have your global vision to be called a true leader or a person with any political vision.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Kudos to MP George Galloway

Criticism of the statements of British MP George Galloway appear in the Daily Telegraph in the article Galloway pours petrol on the flames, by Tim Butcher, Middle East Correspondent

Eric Joyce, a Labour MP who served as a major in the Army, led criticism of Mr Galloway. "Passing comments like these puts the lives of British soldiers at risk and devalues the lives of British soldiers," he said.

Eric Moonman, a former Labour MP and ex-serviceman, said the comments ought to be investigated by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin.

"Galloway's remarks border on the unstable," he said. "He is throwing petrol on the flames and putting at risk the soldiers who serve the country he is supposed to represent"

Gerald Howarth, the Conservatives' defence spokesman, said: "Our Armed Forces are doing a fantastic job in the Middle East. It is utterly irresponsible to do anything which undermines the work that they are doing."

Experts in the Arab world said Mr Galloway was, consciously or unconsciously, aping the rhetoric of extremists. "No ordinary Arab politician or even journalist, would use such heightened language," said one. "To say your daughter is being raped is, for an Arab, completely over the top."

Mr. Eric Joyce - If you are really so concerned about your British troops, kindly remove them from somewhere they should never be in the first place! Otherwise wipe away those crocodile tears. Mr. Joyce should know that MP Galloway was not elected by Blair apologists. MP Galloway won his place in the House on what he stood for and what he says remainsthe TRUTH!!

Mr. Eric Moonman - I think you should ask your Speaker rather to investigate the lies and bitter words of your lying Prime Minister who has brought death and destruction on the innocent Iraqis as well his own British public. Blair IS the petrol that is burning the Middle East and fuelling hatred in Britain.

And Mr., Gerald Howarth - Just because a few psycophants ask the liars Bush and Blair to do something, that is not what the Iraqi people want. The majority of them want the British and Americans to leave NOW - so why not do what they demand?

And finally MP George Galloway is not aping anyone - he is speaking from the heart when he sees death and destruction being waged on innocent people by the Americans and British.

Kudos to MP George Galloway!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Does the number of points really matter?

Comment posted on TPM cafe on Aug 04, 2005

Who is going to invest in Bush's IOUs?

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Norm Coleman - two-faced?

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