Saturday, January 08, 2005

Historic Day in the US - It is not a Democracy...

January 6th 2005 is a historic day in the US.

Today has exposed US pResident George Bush, appointed in 2000 to his first pResidency by his cronies in the corrupt American Judiciary, becomes the only pResident of the US who will have to depend on his corrupt party members to be appointed to the pResidency a second time.

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones from Ohio was joined by Senator Barbara Boxer from California to challenge the electoral votes from Ohio resulting in members of both houses retiring to their respective Houses to debate the issues. And the report by Congressman John Conyers Jr., Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus and Ranking Minority Member of the House Judiciary Committee is as explosive as it could and it revealed how the Bush Crime family does it dirty work in stealing elections in the US.

Important is that new Senator Barack Obama joined Senator Boxer and a few other Democratic Senators in bringing this to the floor of the Senate, where the entire process of the Presidential election in the US was torn to bits. The process was repeated in the House of Representatives with Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Independent Congressman Bernie Sanders showed the world that US was a fake democracy!!

Sadly, the event was marked by the cowardly behaviour of John Kerry, who could not even be present at today’s events and who conceded the election to Bush in a manner which was bordering on traitorous behaviour.

The day however started with the report which was published that the US army reserve was a 'broken' force. The report stated

”The commander of the US army reserve says it is rapidly degenerating into a "broken" force.

Lt Gen James Helmly, in a leaked memo to the Pentagon, says the reserve has reached a point where it cannot fulfill its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. more....”

And in a parallel event that was taking place in Washington D. C., Bush’s nominee for the post of Attorney General of the US, Alberto Gonzales, was being torn to bits on his past functioning as the legal advisor to the pResident.

One could see from his face and eyes that this person is probably the most experienced “liar” and will do anything to chase “his American dream”.

At the Senate Confirmation hearing, the senior senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrat Patrick Leahy, said the Bush administration in its first four years had set out to "minimize, distort and even ignore our laws, our policies and international agreements on torture and treatment of prisoners. America's troops and citizens are at greater risk because of those actions".

Indeed, this is a historic day in the US but if any American says that they have the greatest democracy in the world - we can guffaw loudly - HA, HA, HA!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Senator Barbara Boxer will stand up and be counted

The fantastic news is that Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer from the State of California will stand up and object to the Electoral Votes from Ohio being accepted by the Joint Session of the Houses in the US. She will join the issue with Democrat Representative John Conyers Jr. who has been instrumental in preparing the record of how there were gross irregularities in the US Presidential Election.

This means that the matter will now return to both Houses in the US for a 2 hour debate. This means that the President of the US will not be elected by popular vote of the people, like in 2001, when he was appointed by the Judiciary, but by the vote in Congress and the Senate, which again raises doubts of his legitamacy as the President of the people of US.

I have personally sent my thanks to Senator Barbara Boxer for her stand.

This ensures the claim that pResident Bush has a mandate from the people of the US is no longer a fact!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Explosive Report show 2004 US Presidential Election is being stolen

"We believe there are ample grounds for challenging the electors from Ohio as being unlawfully appointed. ...
....Whether the cumulative effect of these legal violations would have altered the actual outcome is not known at this time. However, we do know that there are many serious and intentional violations which violate Ohio’s own law, that the Secretary of State has done everything in his power to avoid accounting for such violations, and it is incumbent on Congress to protect the integrity of its own laws by recognizing the seriousness of these legal violations. "
The above is the first and last paras of the "Recommendations - Part A. Electoral College Challenge" from the Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff "Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio" prepared under the able stewardship of Representative John Conyers, Jr., the Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

You can download the report from the website

For an excellent summary of the report, please go to:

If the members of the US Senate do not stand up tomorrow and join the members of the US House of Representatives in objecting to the election of George Bush as the President of the US, just as they did not in 2001, then America deserves what it gets.

The citizens of the Ukraine took to the streets with far less evidence than this and changed their Government. If the Americans cannot do this, then it cannot claim to be a democracy but nothing but a fascist state - and the steps in this direction are in place...

The first step, as has already been proposed, are the "Nazi Style Concentration Camps", in which the first people to be incarcerated will be US Muslim citizens. The tagging of these citizens has already been proposed and most Americans appear to support this.

This will be followed by members of other Protest Groups.

It is important to remember that many of these Senate Members voted for the Patriot Act I without even reading the Act.

Remember Michael Moore's movie "Fahrenheit 9/11".......

But do they have the courage to stand up for their election base?

In my mind it is unlikely. They are all, probably without exception, part of the Corporate Lobby, without which they cannot get elected. In short, the US is NOT a Democracy of the people but of the Corporate Structure, which translates to Fascism!!

The effort by Bush and his criminal gang to get "Capital" out of the South Asian tsunami tragedy, by "so-called" helping some Muslim nations, while they continue the occupation and illegal killing of Muslims in another, is further instance of the fraud practiced by this malAdministration.

The "aid" had to be eked out of this group.

The only reason that aid is coming from the US Government is to try to increase its sphere of influence in the region.

It is no wonder that India refused aid for the tsunami crisis and was ahead of everyone else in providing facilities and support to neighbouring countries while Bush was holidaying in his ranch and clearing weeds for 3 crucial days. Bush thought getting rid of weeds cluttering his ranch was more important than the lives of people in the third world!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Randi Rhodes makes serious accusations

I am an avid listener to US Liberal Talk Shows. Amongst the best are Mike Malloy, Laura Flanders and Randi Rhodes, who are part of the Air America radio network, the only Liberal Radio National Network in the US.

On last evening's show, Randi made some serious allegations that the huge death toll in Sri Lanka and India could have been avoided as there had been sufficient time to have warnings to have been issued to the regions so that people could have moved to higher and safer ground.

I am not competent to comment on the Sri Lankan issue.

It is clear it was Indian bureaucratic red tapism that has led to the high death toll in mainland India. It was, however, not related to the issues listed by Randi for other locations, namely the commercialism of protecting the operators of tourist locations.There is evidence that this was probably the case in Thailand. I do not have any evidence or asny references that this was the case in Sri Lanka. It was NOT the case in India, where it was not any major tourist locations that were hit by the tsunami.

Indian scientists monitoring earthquakes are governed by bureaucratic rules regarding issuing warnings. This is restricted to earthquakes that originate within the territorial integrity of the Indian Republic and specifically does not cover earthquakes which occur outside of this territory.

Some Indian scientists knew of the earthquakes in advance of the tragedy, but stayed within their bureaucratic guidelines. If the US San Diego military base had addressed the issue as a code Red Alert and got to the highest level of the Indian Government, it is certain that this huge death toll could have been greatly minimised.

But this is no excuse as the issue of responsibility lies within India and not outside it.

Here is the relevant quote from the Channel News Asia which was entitled:

First tsunami alert lost in Indian bureaucracy

"The country's top science and technology official told The Times of India that his department learnt of the tsunami strike from the television.

V.S. Ramamurthy, secretary at the department, said they had "no clue".

The undersea earthquake hit off Indonesia's Sumatra at 6:29 am, sending killer tsunamis racing across the Indian Ocean.

Although Indian scientists monitored the quake, because it was outside the country, they just relaxed, the Times said. That had been "the first mistake", Ramamurthy said." (Emphasis mine.)